Cemetery Info


A mausoleum is a burial structure constructed above ground and can be dedicated for the use of burying one person or used for a burial tomb for and entire family as the need arises.

Mausoleums are not very popular today due to the very high expense of contruction, maintenance, and cemetery space. Mausoleums are traditionally used by the wealthy, famous leaders, and national figures.

Sorting Out Cemetery Responsibility

The Issue of Who’s Responsible for Cemetery Maintenance

When a loved one passes away and you have made it through the funeral and handling his or her estate, who is responsible for maintaining the cemetery plot? This is actually an important issue to look into as some cemeteries require a maintenance fee. In addition, planning ahead for any maintenance of your burial or interment site can help take a load off your family’s mind in the future.

Privately Owned Cemeteries

Some cemeteries are privately owned or have an association that is in charge of maintaining the grave markers. Usually, cemeteries that are maintained by a private business require some sort of maintenance fee for materials and labor. The nice thing is that these organizations may also decorate headstones and graves at certain times of the year, which can be a comforting thought.

Government Owned Cemeteries

Other cemeteries are owned by the city or township, which is responsible for making sure that the grass is well-kept and the headstones receive regular maintenance. Funds for maintaining the cemetery may come from the city government, which means residents likely help pay for it with taxes. You can research if your city or township of choice has ownership of the cemetery where you or your loved one will be interred.

Volunteers Often Maintain Cemetery Gravesites

If you do not wish to pay a maintenance fee or there is no option to hire a caretaker, volunteers such as friends and family will sometimes take on the responsibility of maintaining a specific gravesite. There may still be certain rules that you need to follow regarding care of a headstone or the plot of land, so you will want to look into the requirements for your chosen cemetery.

Know Who’s Caring for Your Loved One’s Grave

It is a big and ongoing responsibility to care for a loved one’s grave. You can make this easier on yourself by hiring someone to do it if a caretaker is available. Then again, a friend or family member may want to do it for personal reasons. Some church-owned cemeteries have volunteers to do cemetery upkeep. Be sure to look into options well ahead of time so you are not surprised by maintenance fees later.